Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Essence of a good logo...Logo Design
A good logo is the beginning of a brand's identity carrying the message of the business’s vision.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- As the world advances, companies find themselves competing and struggling to catch the consumers’ shortened attention span, knowing they have the first few seconds to appeal to their potential customer or lose them to their competitor. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- As a result, brands focus on their need to have a creative yet minimal logo passing their brand message effectively. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rather than spending alot of productive and unlimited amount of time trying to convince potential customers for patronage, a good logo can swiftly catch and also retain the attention of onlookers who might become customers and communicate your brand's core values uniquely. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- You might want to know that according to reports #1. “most viewers take less than three seconds to scan a full web-page and form their first impressions. The next thing they look for? A company’s logo.” #2. Your logo will define the brand image #3. Ignoring the need for a good logo can have more expensive consequences at the long run -------------------------------------------------------------------------- To meet this need, you can simply DM, whatsapp or call +2347066581720 to begin your brand's journey to good representation = good client judgement = good sales. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can also take a moment to visit OR
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank You!

Olushola Oluwatobi is a seasoned graphic designer and brand expert who started self-taught in 2013 and growing ever since.His love for designing has equipped him with experienced skills in Coreldraw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and other relevant design packages.


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