Friday, 12 October 2018

Logo Explanation for The Media University.
The Media University.
I initially designed a wordmark and icon based logo but the client wanted something that depicts public communication, so I decided to use the microphone and infused the initials of the brand name (M&U).
The reason for this is to aid quick and easy interpretation of the brand's visual identity (logo) sending the brand message upon sighting it.
Not forgetting the values of the brand, one of which is passion, that points to the use of the colour red for the letter 'u' in the logo icon, and one basic ingredient of communication is 'confidence', that birthed the colour blue.
And Wow! was the response.
This project came on referral from Olusegun Cheggon Olaoke @thefeardoctor  a man who I did 4 logo projects for, I am grateful sir.
Remember to leave your comments and observations below.

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Olushola Oluwatobi is a seasoned graphic designer and brand expert who started self-taught in 2013 and growing ever since.His love for designing has equipped him with experienced skills in Coreldraw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and other relevant design packages.


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