Thursday, 23 August 2018

LOGO DESIGN - Hisory Of The Logo
LOGO DESIGN by Teamtibzy

LOGO we hear this word everywhere, it is used by almost everyone around us especially those who run a business or brand as it is now called, but who knows where and when i started exactly?

Logos have been around for thousands of years.
The earliest logos were nothing more than a simple distinctive mark, symbol or literal brand to signify the maker of a product, or communicate what a merchant was selling. As far back as 1266, England’s parliament passed legislation requiring that all bakers use a distinctive mark for the bread they sold.

The modern logo began its evolution following the introduction of trademark laws in the 19th Century. Jack Daniels’ iconic logo dates back to 1875, shortly after Congress passed the US Trademark Act of 1870 — an attempt to establish a Federal trademark regime which was rejected by the Supreme Court. In 1876, the Bass Brewery’s famous red triangle became the first trademark to be registered in the UK, after the Merchandise Marks Act was passed in 1862.

As the Victorian era progressed and the first brands were established, these trademarks became more complex, and evolved into logos as graphic design emerged as an art form. Modern-day logos have shifted from complexity back to simplicity, in order to stand out in a world of visual overload, and make them more easily recognizable across multiple media.

Now there you have it.
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Olushola Oluwatobi is a seasoned graphic designer and brand expert who started self-taught in 2013 and growing ever since.His love for designing has equipped him with experienced skills in Coreldraw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and other relevant design packages.


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